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Om Ah Maitreyanathaya Hum Phat Svaha In the Buddhist Kalachakra teachings, Shambhala is ruled over by Maitreya, the future buddha. The Kalacakra tantra prophesies that when the world declines into war and greed, and all is lost, the 25th Kalki king will emerge from Shambhala with a huge army to vanquish "Dark Forces" and usher in a worldwide Golden Age. --from wikipedia

Buddha Maitreya's name means "loving kindness".

Mandala Shambhala Art by Iona Yabut
Buddha Maitreya Mandala

Original is 24" in diameter. Completed April 2010 with organic ginger tea (with organic blackberry leaf, organic stevia leaf, organic lemon myrtle leaf), organic echinacea tea (with organic West Indian lemongrass leaf, organic spearmint), organic rooibos, green tea (with blueberry juice and goji berry), strawberry, chamomile tea (with ginger, cinnamon, green apple), gold acrylic, watercolor, pencil.

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Smiling Buddha Mandala
Buddha Maitreya Mandala
Buddha Vairochana Mandala
Buddha Ratnasambhava Mandala
Buddha Amoghasiddhi Mandala
Buddha Amitabha Mandala
Buddha Akshobya Mandala

Prints (except largest) and cards are printed with the Canon ChromaLife 100® System: designed to resist real world conditions that can cause a photo to fade.

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