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Om Amoghasiddhi Ah Buddha Amoghasiddhi, with his All-Encompassing Wisdom, or Wisdom of Perfected Action, antidotes the poison of envy and jealousy.

Mandala Shambhala Art by Iona Yabut
Buddha Amoghasiddhi Mandala

Original is 20" in diameter. Completed February 4, 2010 with watercolor, organic green tea, peppermint tea, chai tea, pencil.

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Smiling Buddha Mandala
Buddha Maitreya Mandala
Buddha Vairochana Mandala
Buddha Ratnasambhava Mandala
Buddha Amoghasiddhi Mandala
Buddha Amitabha Mandala
Buddha Akshobya Mandala

Prints (except largest) and cards are printed with the Canon ChromaLife 100® System: designed to resist real world conditions that can cause a photo to fade.

Mandala Shambhala is a subsidiary of Angels By Angels Designs, LLC.

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