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As an expressive therapist years ago, Iona Yabut worked with hospitalized children and adults coping with crises ranging from cancer to schizophrenia. It was during this time that she experienced the power of the therapeutic relationship and observed the healing potential of the creative process.

When familial responsibilities required a shift in focus, Iona sought for a different way to assist souls using art. The logical transition was to become an artist whose sole purpose was to create healing, therapeutic artwork. The artist would have to hold the immaculate vision of every soul that would look upon it; the art would need to honor the universal divine and boundless spiritual potential of each viewer.

As a result, mandalas encouraging forgiveness, radiating love, and pulsating joy manifest. Each painting is made in meditation or focus on such themes, each resonating with the viewer on inner levels for soul upliftment and inspiration.

The artist believes, "all are in need of wholeness and healing. May this artwork, in any way, serve the needs of souls thirsting for more than the worldly life can offer and inspire them to seek their own path to True soul liberation."

Iona earned a B.A. in art from Lawrence University and a Masters in Art Therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is currently a CSCT Therapist, working toward professional counseling licensure (LCPC and ATR). Her mandalas have covered national magazines and were featured in Natural Communities Magazine. Please visit the Expand page for more.

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